GI News—July 2006


In This First Anniversary Issue:

Welcome to our first anniversary issue. We would like to thank the thousands of subscribers and visitors who have made the newsletter such a success and whose comments and questions have played a key role in shaping the newsletter over the first twelve months.

The GI Group launched GI News a year ago to make available to a broader audience the latest scientific research covering carbohydrates and health (including both positive and negative GI research results), diet and weight loss; diabetes; heart disease; and PCOS along with the latest published GI values. To help people incorporate more of the right carbs into their own diet and lifestyle, we also included information on low GI foods and a recipe or two. And to inspire and motivate we added blood glucose control ‘success stories’. We wanted to hear what our visitors had to say, too. That’s why we set GI News up as a blogspot to allow people to post their own comments or send questions to the GI Group for more detailed answers.

Since posting our first issue on 11 July 2005, we have clocked up around 250,000 visitors and have more than 16,000 subscribers from right around the world. We are pretty proud of this result as we don’t have any sponsorship or advertising dollars to spend on promotion. To receive our free e-newsletter each month, all you have to do is click the SUBSCRIBE link in the right-hand column. Your email address will be kept strictly confidential and you can unsubscribe at any time. We hope you enjoy our first anniversary issue and please pass the link on to friends and colleagues you feel will find the site useful.

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