1 February 2007

GI News—February 2007


In This Issue:

  • Food For Thought
    —Should you be eating that, it’s full of sugar?
    —What does 40 grams of added sugar in a healthy diet look like?
  • GI News Briefs
    —The perils of iron overload
    —When cloudy is better than clear
    —Reducing the risk of dementia
    —Setting GI labelling standards in Australia
  • Low GI Food of the Month
  • Low GI Recipes of the Month
    —Apple and polenta crumble
    —Penne with tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella and fresh basil
    —High protein oat waffles
  • Success Story
    —‘What a relief to finally understand why a little butter and sugar actually won’t kill you.’ – Jane
    —‘I am in my mid-seventies and feel renewed.’ – Karl
  • What's New?
    Guide to Farmers’ Markets
    The Don’t Go Hungry Diet
  • Feedback—Your FAQs Answered
    1. I notice that the GI for oatmeal varies. How can I find oatmeal with the lower GI?
    2. Does slow cooking raise the GI of a dish?
    3. Does it matter what flower my honey comes from?
    4. In The Low GI Diet do you have an easy way to relate the recipes to daily allowances and categories?
  • GI Values Update
    —Low GI sugar
    —Convenience meals for the US and Canada
    —Where can I get more information on GI testing?
    —Where can I get more information on the GI Symbol Program?
    —Wendy’s Chocollo

GI News Editor: Philippa Sandall
Web Design and Management: Scott Dickinson


Steve said...

I am new to the Glycemic Index, having just purchased "The New Glucose Revolution" and having just recently received my first edition of "GI News" (which is great, BTW. Thank you for maintaining this newsletter).

I do have one suggestion for the the GI News newsletter, though.

Would you be able to compile the newsletter into Adobe's PDF format? I think that it would fit better on printed pages, with the side-benefit of probably requiring less printed pages. You see, I would like to print the GI News and take it with me for some interesting reading on my train commutes.

Thank you for considering.

gi group said...

Steve, we chose the blog format because it's interactive and inexpensive (you choose a template and drop the text and images in so there are no design costs). However, it's a meaty newsletter (wait for March it's even meatier), so we'll have a think about making each issue available in a pdf format as well for commuters like most of us who want to print it out and read it on the train.