1 April 2007

GI News Podcast

GI News Podcast: Prof Jennie Brand Miller talks about GI
Prof. Jennie Brand-Miller, co-author of The New Glucose Revolution, explains what carbs really do in the body and why they're necessary, despite the trend towards low-carb diets over the past several years. She offers practical advice about appetite control, what we should focus on in our diets to create lifelong healthy habits, and why indulging can be a good thing.

Jennie Brand-Miller

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Deb said...

I wish you so called experts would actually READ Dr. Atkins books. The term we use is LOW carb, not no carb. I eat plenty of GOOD carbs just the way Dr. Atkins intended. No I dont need a great low GI potato. The only one who needs for me to buy any potato is the potato growers.

I have been completely Dr. Atkins approaved LOW carb for over 5 years and just had a complete lab work check up. My #'s prove this is a healthy way of eating.

Deborah Clark

Anonymous said...

I have type II diabetes and I am trying to learn how to count and be aware of the effect of the carbs I eat on my blood sugar. Adding GI to my awareness is great. The podcast was informative and helpful,as are all of the articles on this site. I'm glad I found it.
Robin Beard
New Jersey

Anonymous said...

Interesting - the Doctor said people don't eat because they're hungry - they eat for other reasons. Then she said that a low GI diet would help with overeating by keeping someone from feeling hungry for a longer period of time. Seems like there's a break in this line of thinking.

Anonymous said...

Hi Deb, glad to hear that your diet is working so well for you and you got great results from your recent check up. We certainly aren't going to force feed potatoes on anyone. If you have time to check out any of the New Glucose Revolution books you'll see that it's the one vegetable we encourage people to cut back on because they are carb rich and high GI. But many people love potatoes and they are a useful source of vitamin C along with other vitamins and some minerals. So we feel it's good to find a lower GI variety and give them a healthier choice. We still urge moderation with starchy veggies and of course say hold the fries.