1 July 2007

GI News Podcast

GI News Podcast: Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes
In the fifth of the New Glucose Revolution podcasts, Prof. Jennie Brand-Miller talks about diabetes, the risks associated with pre-diabetes and how the GI can help turn back the clock and prevent pre-diabetes turning into diabetes.


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Anonymous said...

This was very timely.I am about to visit a bookshop before shopping to buy one of your books.While the bulk of this podcast was about things I alreadt knew,I WAS confused about which book to buy.

gi group said...

Which book to buy? We hope the following list will be useful. As we don't know where you live, we have included US and ANZ titles where the title varies for the same book.

Getting started on low GI eating and the top 100 low GI foods:
Low GI Eating Made Easy

The Low GI Diet Cookbook
The Low GI Vegetarian Cookbook
The New Glucose Revolution Life Plan

Shopping and eating out:
Shopper’s Guide to GI Values 2007

The complete guide to understanding the glycemic index with the latest scientific findings plus answers to the most frequently asked questions about GI:
The New Glucose Revolution

The Diabetes and Prediabetes Handbook (ANZ)
The New Glucose Revolution for Diabetes (US)
What Makes My Blood Glucose Go Up and Down

The Low GI Diet (ANZ and UK)
The Low GI Diet Revolution (US)

Heart health:
The Low GI Guide to the Metabolic Syndrome and Your Heart

The Low GI Guide to Managing PCOS (ANZ and UK)
The New Glucose Revolution Guide to Living with PCOS (US)

Anonymous said...

I am in Adelaide.I ended up buying Low GI Eating Made Easy(exactly what I was looking for) and the Shopper's Guide to GI.
I have been borderline diabetic for 3 years now,and have kept good control of BG readings.However,I DO need to lose weight(again-lost 22kgs on a 'fad' type diet but put it ALL back on over the last 18 months)and decided to go the GI way.I am so focussed on this now that I have a book to guide me.Thanks to all of you.