1 November 2008

Your Success Stories

‘The GI can be a great friend and tool to anyone that battles weight and carb cravings.’ – Stephanie
‘I always worked out with weights, and occasional cardio. After my father died, my family broke apart. With all the stress and court drama, I turned to high carb and convenience and comfort foods. I gained 30 pounds. The good news is that I did not keep that weight on more than a year. After being checked for anxiety, I had one high random glucose reading. A few weeks later, my fasting blood glucose was normal, but my A1c was 6.9. Since Dad had diabetes, and his Dad had diabetes, I knew I had to get my “health” back. I started eating a low GI diet and alternated between low carb and moderate carb eating. However I gave up foods like bread, potatoes, white rice, and high glycemic pizza. I lost 40 pounds in a 4-month period. Eating low GI helped my blood pressure return to its previous normal readings and kept my A1c between 5.6 to 5.9. I also got my fitness back and my energy back. Watching my carbs, and aiming for lower and healthier GI carbs has been thus far a lifesaver, and a turnaround for my health! And I have maintained my weight loss, and even lost a few more pounds!


By choosing the right foods that will not elevate blood sugar on a continual exhausting basis the GI can be a great friend and tool to anyone who battles weight and carb cravings. It was instrumental in me getting my life back. Thanks to all who have made this science available -- I truly believe it is a blessing.’

Postscript: Prior to publication, Stephanie reports that her A1c is now 5.5.

‘I would recommend this action plan to anyone with a desire to lose weight, eat plenty of food and feel fantastic.’ – Lorraine
‘Over three months ago I looked in the mirror and didn’t like what I saw and decided to do something about it. After some research on line I decided to give The Low GI Diet: 12-Week Action Plan a go and to my delight I have lost 12 kilos in the 12 weeks. My husband did it as well and lost 9 kilos. We didn’t do the exercises only walking every day for 35 minutes. The menus in the book were simple to prepare and a delight for the taste buds. We have decided to stick to the low GI way of eating and get into exercise to tone up. I have serious back problems and the weight loss has helped to control the pain.’

success story


Nicky said...

I'd recommend to Stephanie that she checks her blood glucose readins an hour after eating, just to be sure that the good GL choices she's making are the right ones for her brand of diabetes. Diabetics are amazingly idiosyncratic in what carbohydrates each individual can safely eat!