1 April 2009

Your Success Stories

‘Words cannot describe how thrilled I am with this low glycemic eating plan!’ – Barbara
‘On April 30, 2008, when I found out I was pre-diabetic, I was shocked and scared. As far as I knew it wasn’t in the family and I did not want it. If I had to diet to get my blood sugar normal, I would. At first, I thought I could educate myself. Wrong! I changed my diet immediately and I did start losing weight. Yet I felt I needed to see a nutritionist. There was only one whom my doctor would recommend.

By the time I saw Johanna Burani for the first time on June 2, I had lost 15 lb (7 kg). I was going on a cruise in 6 days and not liking what I thought I’d have to eat. She eliminated all my fears by designing a meal plan that would work just for me. I also read her book, Good Carbs, Bad Carbs and tried out some of the recipes I found there. This also made my new low GI lifestyle so easy to follow.

Seven months have passed since I started choosing low GI carbs and I still love my plan. My blood glucose has normalised with the diet alone; I take no medication. I’ve lost 43 lbs (20 kg) – and now weigh 15 lbs (7 kg) less than on my wedding day, 44 years ago! I’m so confident that this way of eating is for life that every piece of clothing that gets too big finds a new home!

This was never about dieting to be thin. I wanted to eat to be healthy. It’s been fun to finally know that I can be thinner and not feel like I’m on a diet. When an apple is more appealing to me than a brownie, I know I have really changed! By the way, my husband has also lost 32 lbs (14.5 kg) eating the way I was now eating. He didn’t know he was on a diet! Another bonus: he is off all his high blood pressure medication.’

Before and after photos

Johanna says: ‘Barbara is an up-beat, energetic hairdresser and grandmother of three who enjoys cooking her traditional Hungarian meals which include butter, sour cream and fatty meats. When she discovered she was pre-diabetic, she tried to compensate for her typical calorie-laden meals by eliminating carbohydrates as much as possible. But Barbara is also an outstanding baker so she was having trouble figuring out how to make her current diet meet the needs of her new health concerns. That’s when she made an appointment for nutritional counselling with me.’

‘I have lost 1 stone in weight. How good is that!’ – Richard
‘I am 55 and have type 2 diabetes. I have been following a low GI diet and during the 18 months my average blood glucose level (HbA1c), which is checked every 6 months by blood test, has fallen from 6.1 to 6.0 to 5.9%. I seem to be going in reverse. Also I have lost 1 stone (14 lbs, 6.4 kg) in weight.’

‘This website has helped me control my glucose level.’ Bireswar
‘I am from India. I was diagnosed as having diabetes because I had a huge weight loss. I reduced my blood glucose level immediately using medication in consultation with my doctor. But my intention was to control my blood glucose by lifestyle changes instead of living my whole life on medicines. This website has helped me a lot to do this. My glucose level is always normal and this I do by exercise and good eating habits. Walking is undoubtedly the best form of exercise for diabetics. Also I do the breathing exercise (pranayam), yoga regularly.’

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