Renovate your Recipes

Renovate your recipes – tips for reducing the amount and improving the quality of fat

Kaye Foster-Powell
Kaye Foster-Powell

The problem with fat is the amount we eat, sometimes without realising it. Fat provides more calories per gram (9 cals or 37 kJ) than protein or carbs (4 cals per gram each), which is why fat is a good place to start when giving your recipes a healthy makeover. It's not just the quantity you have to think about, it's the quality - the type of fat can make a big difference to your health and waistline. It's not too hard to give your favourite recipes a healthy renovation to reduce the amount or improve the quality of the fat. Here are dietitian Kaye Foster-Powell's 3 simple steps to get you started.

French toast with grainy bread

1. Substitute.
2. Reduce.
3. Eliminate. Yes, leave it out altogether.
Your easy guide to 100 low GI carbs
The January-February issue of Diabetic Living magazine (Australian edition, $7.95) comes with a booklet called: Your 100 Best Carbs for Healthy Low GI. Look for it in newsagents now.

Your 100 Best Carbs for Healthy Low GI