GI News—June 2011

‘There is no doubt that obesity poses serious health risks for some people in our community. But perhaps if we were more sensible and less hysterical about obesity, we may actually find it easier to engage and support the people who need it most,’ write Dr Samantha Thomas and Assoc Prof Colin McLeod. ‘Research clearly shows that people who are obese feel that simplistic and exaggerated public claims about obesity have led to a culture of blame and shame. Some describe that the public pressure to lose weight has led them to engage in radical and risky weight loss attempts, and pushes them further away from essential services that could help them improve their health and wellbeing.’ In this issue of GI News, we take a look at the fit/fat debate and the Health at Every Size Movement along with all our regular features and of course recipes from the GI News Kitchen for you to try.

Good eating, good health and good reading.

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