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Dr Alan Barclay
Build yourself up with high quality low GI foods.  
With the constant focus on overweight/obesity in the media it is easy to forget that in many parts of the world – including the developed world – there are people living amongst us that are either malnourished and/or underweight. For example, a recent study found that just over 40% of Australian adults aged 65 + living in the community were either at risk of malnutrition or malnourished. At the other end of the lifespan, we sometimes overlook the fact that while 1 in 4 children are overweight or obese, the other 75% are not, and need high quality foods and drinks to help them reach their full genetic potential (optimal height and weight).

Physically active children and adolescents who are growing rapidly often find it hard to find a range of nourishing foods for meals and snacks that they can enjoy, and too often fill themselves up with what many people call ‘junk food’ – nutrient poor, energy dense foods and drinks. There are of course a wide range of healthy low GI foods and drinks that can be enjoyed as either main meals or snacks to help you gain weight (either lean muscle mass or fat, depending on your individual goals). Here are some of our favourite tips for quality weight gain making the most of healthy low GI foods and foods that carry the GI Symbol:

Meats and alternatives  
Lower fat options
Higher fat options
Dairy foods and alternatives  
Lower fat options
Higher fat options
Breads, cereals, and grains  
Lower fat options
Higher fat options
Fruits and vegetables  
Lower fat options
Higher fat options
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