1 October 2005

New Books

What Makes My Blood Glucose Go Up and Down?
In the foreword to the UK edition of What Makes My Blood Glucose Go Up and Down:
Sir Michael Hirst, Chairman, Diabetes UK (http://www.diabetesuk.org/) says:

‘One of the most challenging problems for people with diabetes, particularly the recently diagnosed, and their carers, is trying to maintain good glycaemic control. When my daughter, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of five, was younger, we were often mystified as to why her blood sugar levels varied for no apparent reason. There was often the suspicion that an unauthorised visit to the sweetie jar had taken place! More challenging still was to find out the effect of particular foods and drinks on blood glucose levels in the days when food labelling was very much less sophisticated. Such books and periodicals as we could access never really provided all the answers we wanted, and it was thus hard to add to our knowledge base.


‘This books provides a wealth of information to enable the patient, carer and family to be much better informed about the circumstances in which blood glucose levels vary. As such it is a vital support for self-management and an excellent reference book, not least for the parents of younger people with diabetes. As food and drink producers become more sensitive to the demand from the public—and not just those with diabetes—for the information on glycaemic index and glycaemic load and improved labelling on food and drink, an informed and independent guide, written for members of the public, is much to be welcomed.

‘Every professional involved in diabetes care, reinforced by a huge weight of clinical research evidence, knows that good glycaemic control is vital in maintaining continuing good health in the person with diabetes, and avoiding the serious, unpleasant and costly complications which can arise. In explaining the many reasons why blood glucose levels vary, and in offering related advice on diet and glycaemic control, care professionals will find this a most useful book to recommend to those who want to be, and remain, healthy.

What Makes My Blood Glucose Levels Go Up…and Down? is written in straightforward terms that patients and carers can readily understand and offers a lot of sound advice, by authors who have extensive knowledge and practical experience. From their separate standpoints as scientist, dietitian and person with diabetes, Jennie Brand-Miller, Kaye Foster-Powell and David Mendosa have covered all angles and have produced a definitive guide which is all the more helpful because it stands above the often conflicting welter of commercially inspired information about diets, blood glucose levels and health.’

UK: Vermillion
USA: Marlowe & Company
Taiwan: The Eurasian Publishing Group
Australia/New Zealand: Hachette Livre Australia