1 November 2005

What's New?

From Kid to Superkid: Set Your Family on the Path to a Junk-Food Free Healthy Future
by Paul Sacher with recipes by Kate McBain (Vermilion)

The advice here is based on Paul Sacher’s own experiences as an extra large lad plus his years of work as a specialist dietitian at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children (London). Sacher doesn't advocate radical weight loss unless a child is particularly obese. He favours strategies that will keep children at the same weight until their height catches up. 'There's too much emphasis on weight today. What I'm trying to emphasise is raising healthy, happy children. You can be heavy and fit.’ The book is a practical, readable guide for parents and covers:

  • The benefits of nutrition and diet, weight maintenance and using the GI to help regulate appetite
  • The importance of making exercise fun along with ideas to help reduce sedentary pasttimes such as watching television or playing on the computer
  • How to use rewards and goals to encourage positive, healthy behaviour and improve self-esteem and confidence.


From fast food to fat loss, you will learn something new about the food and nutrition on Catherine Saxelby’s website: www.foodwatch.com.au–one of the first Australian sites devoted to healthy eating on the internet.

The site has been completely redesigned and a number of new features added so if you haven’t checked it out recently, why not drop by. You can sign up for the free monthly e-newsletter or download articles and fact sheets on how eating the right food will help you improve your vitality, boost your immune system, manage your cholesterol, delay the ageing process, enhance productivity and concentration, normalise your weight and more.

Catherine is a freelance nutritionist and accredited dietitian who is well known for her ability to cut through the clutter of nutrition information and her non-nonsense approach to the modern-day dilemma of healthy eating in a fast paced life. She is the author of seven books including Nutrition for Life, one of the most popular and enduring of nutrition books—the 20th anniversary edition will be published in January 2006 (Hardie Grant Books). She is Nutrition Editor for Australian Table magazine and has written more than 1,000 articles on all aspects of food, fat loss and special diets.

Photo: Michael Chetham