1 October 2006

Your Success Stories

‘It is nothing short of a miracle’– Rose
My husband had a major stroke in 2004, and was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, as well. His blood sugar has been like a roller coaster no matter how carefully I monitored his diet, until we accidentally happened upon The Low GI Diet Guide to Diabetes at our local book store. For the past 3 weeks we have followed your 7-days of menus religiously and my husband’s blood sugar has been holding so well it is unbelievable. The calorie and carb levels of your menu plans appear to be absolutely perfectly calibrated as he cannot exercise because he is paralysed.

It is nothing short of a miracle. In just 3 short weeks there's been a remarkable turnaround in his blood sugar and in the way he feels. His blood sugar has been right on target every day and he has lost 6 pounds! It's wonderful to see him feeling so well. Now he has asked if I could come up with 7 more days of menus so that he doesn’t eat the same thing every week!


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Anonymous said...

Is it possible to get these seven days of recipes to see what results I get? Also, when I tried to click on the books to see what the cost is I could not.

What are the costs. I am a suscriber!

Anonymous said...

The week of low GI eating menus are simple recipes or meal ideas that are easy to follow. For many of them you don't need special recipes, but could use one of your own favourites such as a bolognese sauce. The books are relatively inexpensive - around $6.95 for the US edition or $12.95 for the Australian one. And of course they give you a lot more information about low GI eating and diabetes than just the meal ideas. It's always worth checking Amazon for the best price. We are developing a series of fact sheets on low GI eating and will keep in mind your request to provide a week of recipes to help people 'get started'.