1 February 2008

GI Symbol News with Alan Barclay

First formulated meal replacement product for the GI Symbol Program

The recent Cochrane review of six randomised controlled trials comparing low GI and low GL diets with other diets for overweight and obesity (reported in August 2007 GI News) determined that low GI diets were more effective at reducing total body weight and perhaps more importantly body fat, compared with conventional energy (Calorie/kilojoule) restricted diets over a 6-month period.

USANA Nutrimeal® balanced nutritional drink mixes combine the benefits of both energy restriction and low GI (23) to facilitate optimal weight loss when consumed as directed as a snack or meal replacement. High in fibre (8 g per serve), USANA Nutrimeal is the first formulated meal replacement product to join the GI Symbol Program. For more information see this page.

Alan Barclay

Alan Barclay, CEO, Glycemic Index Ltd
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Anonymous said...

Alan Barclay,

Where did you get the GI score of 23 for USANA's Nutrimeal? Was this score derived by "Sydney University Glycemic Index Research Service" (SUGiRS)?? The Nutrimeal is still listed with a score of 26 +or-3% on the Glycemic Index website.

USANA has two documents on their website:

1) http://www.usana.com/media/File/dotCom/company/science/crb/7CRB.pdf
Dated July 2000
Gives a resulting score of 26 +or-3%.
"Acknowledgment: This study was conducted at the Human Nutrition Unit, Department of Biochemistry, University of Sydney, Sydney, NSW, Australia. It was supported by USANA Health Sciences, Inc."

2) http://www.usana.com/media/File/dotCom/company/science/crb/11CRB.pdf
Dated June 2005
Gives a resulting GI score of 23.
"Acknowledgment: This study was conducted at USANA Health Sciences, Inc. using normal, healthy volunteers, all of whom were employees of the company."

So the score of 26 came from you guys 8 years ago while the score of 23 came from USANA 3 years ago. Tell me, what score is being stamped onto USANA's Nutrimeal product? The score of 26 or the score of 23?

What is the REAL official GI score for USANA's Nutrimeal that SUGiRS found in their experiment?

GI Group said...

We have passed this on to Alan Barclay and will post his reply as soon as possible.

GI Group said...

The original value of 26 was done 5+ years ago. The product was reformulated, and tested last year (2007) – it now has a lower GI. Variation of +/- 10% of the mean is acceptable – many other components in the Nutrition Information Panel have a higher variation (there is no obligation to put the variation on the label).

Anonymous said...

GI Group,

Thank you for your timely response. You state the product was tested last year in 2007. Who tested the product? Was the test conducted by "Sydney University Glycemic Index Research Service"?

Also, if this test in 2007 gave a score of 23, then why hasn't the GI Database been updated yet?

GI Group said...

Nutrimeal was most recently tested by Sydney University GI Research Service (SUGiRS), but the results have not been posted on the www.glycemicindex.com website to date.

USANA provided Glycemic Index Ltd (GI Ltd) with data from SUGiRS, and other sources, for the purposes of certifying the low GI value of Nutrimeal.

It is worth noting that SUGiRS is a separate business from GI Ltd, and that the GI database on the www.glycemicindex.com website is also independent of GI Ltd. GI Ltd operates the food certification program.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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