1 October 2008

Your Success Stories

‘I’m having fewer hypos, I am on low doses of insulin and I feel much better.’ – Sarah
‘About six months ago I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, which I managed with insulin. I read lots of handouts about how to manage diabetes with diet, but the focus was very much on reducing sugar in my diet and little about low GI foods. As a result, I continued eating breads with high GI, lots of potatoes and so on and my BGLs were all over the place. Six weeks after having my baby I found out that the diabetes was actually late-onset type 1! It was recommended that I try a low GI diet; I did lots of reading, including The New Glucose Revolution (The Low GI Handbook in Australia) and incorporated their recommendations into my diet. I have found that my BGLs are much more stable, I’m having fewer hypos, I am on low doses of insulin and I feel much better. My partner is also on the low GI diet and he feels more energetic, particularly in the mornings when he used to feel lethargic and unmotivated.’

success story


Anonymous said...


I look forward to your newsletter every month. I am hypoglycemic, and battled for years trying to find out what was wrong with me. Although very relieved that I wasnt diabetic, hypoglycemia is also a terrible, and hard condition to live with. Unless you suffer from low blood sugar, you cant possibly understand what a HORRIBLE condition it is. Aside from the tiredness and dizziness, the anxiety and nervousness was almost unbearable. Although i am MUCH better now (thanks to the help of a wonderful doctor in howcik), I am still always looking for information on how to stabilize my blood sugar and stop it from dropping. I have completely cut sucrose and glucose out of my diet(as much as I possibly can), and stick to low gi foods. unfortunately when I drink alcohol I feel terrible, Can you suggest some alcolholic drinks which wont affect my blood glucose levels ?

GI Group said...

Hi Caroline, we have flicked this over to our dietitians and will post a reply to your question as soon as possible. Keep checking, it may be a few days.