1 January 2009

Your Success Stories

‘Eating low GI has helped me maintain a reasonable blood glucose level.’ – Peter
‘I am a health professional and worked shifts until July of this year when I turned 50. Over the past 18 months I was diagnosed as being diabetic and my controlled hypertension was becoming increasingly uncontrolled. Being horizontally displaced (around the abdomen) made future health prospects look bleak. I had yo-yoed on different diets such as the Atkins Diet where I lost weight but felt ill and irritable. (How can less than 40 g of carbs be good for you when your brain requires more to function adequately?) I tried other carb-cutting diets but felt continuously hungry and tended to snack. A low GI diet has helped me maintain a reasonable blood glucose level. HbA1c was 7.9 and in the past six months has been 6.8. Another benefit is better sleep – I don’t have to get up 5–7 times a night to pee!

I am still fighting the BMI thing but have realised that what I put on over 20 years won’t come off overnight so I am aiming for 20 months to reach an acceptable weight. I now read labels and am eating more legumes then red meat which I restrict to about once a week. So a low GI diet has improved my health prospects and has motivated me to carry on this scientific evidence based pathway. Thanks low GI.’

success story