1 June 2009

Your Success Stories

'My experience so far has ensured a life time of lower GI eating for myself and my family.' - Fiona
‘I am currently pregnant with my third child. I was diagnosed with PCOS in 1998. Although my specialist at the time specialised in PCOS for her doctorate, I had no understanding of the link between insulin and my condition. I went on to have two rather large sons – 4.44 kg at 37 weeks and 4.62 kg at 35 weeks (yes, that is right!) – and gained a lot of weight during pregnancy. My second son also had blood glucose issues after birth, although I have never tested positive for gestational diabetes. In my journey to try and fall pregnant a third time I finally read a book I had owned for 4 years but never read – The New Glucose Revolution for Managing (Guide to Living Well with PCOS in the US and Canada). What an eye opener! I can’t believe I had not got around to reading it before. As my husband was also trying to lose weight at the time following the South Beach Diet I took the opportunity to switch to a low GI diet. I have since fallen pregnant again and, despite not being rigid in my diet, have only gained a ‘normal;’ amount of weight and the baby is measuring average for dates at 5 months. My experience so far has ensured a life time of lower GI eating for myself and my family (at least while I have some control over what goes in their mouths!)

Update: Fiona had Baby Number 3 in May - a very respectable 3.95 kg. 'I know that is big for some but small for me! No blood glucose issues with the baby either,' says Fiona

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