1 October 2010

GI News—October 2010

  • 'Cruise instead of spike and crash' with low GI foods says Olympic swimming champion Ian Thorpe
  • ‘Wholegrain’ hype: is it time to redefine ‘true’ whole grain foods? Prof Jennie Brand-Miller opens the debate
  • Focus on food not nutrients – Dr David Ludwig challenges ‘dietary guidelines’ orthodoxy
  • The scoop on desserts with Emma Stirling
  • Renaming HFCS as corn sugar. Dr Alan Barclay investigates
  • 8 new GI values from the US
It’s Good Food Month here in Sydney, so it seems timely to think about enjoying good low GI food for real satisfaction and good health. To show you what we mean and give your tastebuds a treat, we are sharing a recipe from Bistro Moncur chef Damien Pignolet’s new book, Salades. In his introduction Damien gently reminds us that the role of salads in the French kitchen is quite different from the bowl of green leaves that ‘tends to pass for a salad in Australian and British cooking’. Try his ‘Rustic Salad of chickpeas, prosciutto & preserved artichoke and garlic and anchovy vinaigrette’ in this issue and I think you will agree c’ést delicieux. And low GI too!

Good eating, good health and good reading.

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