1 July 2011

GI News—July 2011


  • Being healthy on the inside no matter what number you see on the scales
  • ‘New cure for diabetes’ shout the headlines ... Dr Alan Barclay investigates
  • The scoop on loving low GI lentils
  • Prof Jennie Brand-Miller on insulin sensitivity
  • Reduced fat intake may reduce diabetes risk without weight loss
‘It’s what's inside that counts’ applies to the food we eat as well as having a kind heart suggests Nicole Senior busting the myth that ‘all fat people are unhealthy’. ‘We need to put nutrition and health as a priority over the obsessive quest for ‘the body beautiful,’ she writes. We gave her space in Food for Thought to expand on this with tips on staying healthy on the inside no matter what number you see on the scales. Plus there are all our usual features in this issue including three delicious recipes from the GI News Kitchen to try.

Good eating, good health and good reading.

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risioja said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I was diagnosed with IR a month ago and have found your blog and website very helpful!

My one question so far is whether soaking steel cut oats or rolled oats overnight will raise the GI by making them more digestible? I have always been told that it is healthy to soak oats as it 'activates them', but it does make my oats cook faster.

I looked on the GI database, but it is unclear whether any of the porridges listed were presoaked, and none seem to be made from steel cut.

I would very much appreciate your advice on this, thanks again for a great site.

Liesbeth (lgeerligs@stvincents.com.au)

Anonymous said...

And also, in the same vein, will making a big batch of porridge, refrigerating it, and then reheating it with milk each morning affect the GI?

Thanks again

GI Group said...

Liesbeth: Foods in the database are tested following the manufacturer's instructions, so it's not possible to give you any answers re the effect on GI of pre-soaking or refrigerating overnight. However, regular porridge oats are a good option for breakfast and lower GI than instant oat sachets. The milk and/or yoghurt you add will further reduce the overall GI of the meal. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, I know that you always have to test each food individually based on manufacture instructions, so I appreciate that you can't say for sure.

But I wondered whether, given your scientific knowledge of other processes that alter the GI state, like milling and puffing wheat, whether you thought soaking would have a similar effect?

Basically I don't want to be taking a low GI food like oats, and making it high GI unwittingly with my soaking, that is my key concern.

Thanks again,

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