1 August 2011

GI News—August 2011


  • Prof Jennie Brand-Miller on protein power from low GI plant foods
  • Nicole Senior on why meat should be a tasty side-show on our plates and not the main event
  • Julian Cribb's new book on how to feed a growing planet
  • 3 delicious low GI ‘plant-based’ recipes from the GI News Kitchen
  • Too much potato, sugary drinks and meat linked to greatest weight gain
  • New GI values for breakfast cereals and Naked Pizza
‘We must think sustainably for our bodies, our wellbeing and our environment’ writes Red Lantern chef Mark Jensen in the introduction to his book The Urban Cook: Cooking and eating for a sustainable future. We agree. And we believe that a low GI diet with its emphasis on ‘slow’ carbs to fuel your body and power your life will help you do just that. We also know from very large epidemiological surveys that low GI diets are flexible, liveable, and family friendly. They also help you optimise your insulin sensitivity and decrease your insulin levels over the whole day. With their emphasis on minimally processed plant foods and moderate amounts of protein foods, they are also better for the environment. Sustainable nutrition all-round we say.

Good eating, good health and good reading.

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