1 January 2012

GI News—January 2012


  • Putting health first no matter what your size;
  • Fuelling willpower to stick to New Year resolutions needs glucose;
  • Dr Alan Barclay on Australia’s new dietary guidelines;
  • Diet quality and stroke prevention;
  • Three low GI recipes to try;
  • The health benefits of low GI Meatless Mondays;
  • Do you need to eat meat to get enough protein?
Human routines are stubborn things, which helps explain why 88% of all resolutions end in failure according to Professor Richard Wiseman. Did you know that it takes an average of 66 days to form a new habit and for some unlucky people up to 254 days says Dr Anthony Grant Director of the Coaching Psychology Unit at the University of Sydney and that people revert to their old habits between five and seven times. What to do? Frame changes as aspirations rather than resolutions so you don’t set yourself up to fail. So, here’s a tasty New Year’s aspiration – instead of ‘going on a diet’, why not opt to go meatless on Mondays with a low GI diet based on minimally processed plant foods and moderate amounts of protein foods. It’s a flexible, liveable, and family friendly aspiration and it will also help you optimise your insulin sensitivity and decrease your insulin levels over the whole day. To top it off, it’s good for the environment and the housekeeping budget. Healthy and sustainable nutrition all round we say.

Good eating, good health and good reading.

Editor: Philippa Sandall
Web management and design: Alan Barclay, PhD


Eileen said...

Hi,Just a brief comment on meatless Mondays. Earlier this year I decided to get two hens: we have an ordinary suburban block in Melbourne. These girls have gradually started to lay eggs, and are now producing giant sized eggs, 14 a week. They are friendly, tame, and delightful company, and if I had my time over again I would get hens as pets for my children.
Several days a week we now have curried veggies of some sort (also mostly from our garden) with boiled eggs. We are saving a fortune on meat, eating better, my weight has plateaued rather than increasing, and we are feeling better.

Philippa said...

Thanks so much for sharing your story Eileen. Dr Alan Barclay who puts together each issue of GI News with me has a couple of chooks in his garden and loves the daily fresh eggs and the joy that his kids get from having hens as pets. My Meatless Monday meal for January 2 is going to be (my version of) Claudia Roden's peppers with eggs and tomatoes from her new Food of Spain cookbook. We will have lots of Meatless Monday recipes in coming issues -- and of course we love to hear what other people are cooking up on their Meatless Mondays too. Curries always a great option!

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