1 February 2013

GI News—February 2013


  • Jamie’s low GI 15-minute pesto spaghetti with lemon steamed fish;  
  • Not all refined carbs are high GI; 
  • Cooking food ups calorie counts;  
  • Why iodine deficiency is such a big problem;  
  • Cooking helped to make us human; 
  • Why it's time to redefine ‘wholegrains’. 
With another series of MasterChef hitting screens, we thought we would take a look at what’s so good about cooking and how it helped to make us who we are. As Prof Richard Wrangham writes in We Are What We ate: ‘To this day, cooking continues in every known human society. We are biologically adapted to cook food. It’s part of who we are and affects us in every way you can imagine: biologically, anatomically, socially.’

Good cooking, good eating, good health and good reading.

: Philippa Sandall
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