1 March 2020


These juicy fruits are great thirst quenchers that also provide us with dietary fibre and essential vitamins and minerals.

For people with diabetes – Many people count grams of carbohydrate or use 15g Carbohydrate Exchange or 10g Portions to help match their insulin or blood glucose lowering medication to their requirements. We have included both. A 15g Exchange includes food with 12–18g carbohydrate and a 10g Portion 7.6–12.5g of carbohydrate.

GI 78
Serving: 1 slice (160g/5¾oz) 
Watermelon Table
Rockmelon (cantaloupe) 
GI 68
Serving: 1 cup diced (190g/6oz)
Rockmelon Table
GI 51
Serving: 1 cheek (90g/3¼oz)
Mango Table
GI 56
Serving: 1 slice (70g/2½oz)
Papaya Table
GI 59
Serving: 2 thin slices (110g/3¾oz)
Pineapple Table
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