5 July 2005

GI News - July 2005

Welcome to the First Issue of GI News
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We welcome feedback—it is your chance to ask your questions or have your say! We hope that you enjoy this first issue of our newsblog and look forward to welcoming you back to our website each month. To subscribe to our newsletter, simply click on the "SUBSCRIBE" link in the right-hand column. Your email address will be kept strictly confidential.

Jennie Brand-Miller


Deepanjan said...

Nice blog. I hope to be a regular visitor.

Anonymous said...

Great looking site! I'll certainly be a regular visitor. Thanks for all your efforts.

Paul Horne said...

Please send this out as a newsletter -- it's great info, but you can't expect people to figure out when to check back on a site for updated info. Grow your email list -- it's the primary reason for being online!

hermin said...

wonderful blog. i've searched the database & it was comprehensive and extensive too! by the way, perhaps i'm going to determine GI values of "tape" or "tapai", an Indonesian fermented sweet food made from cassava or glutinous rice. (if time permits). i have no idea how to test it - but, certainly with some guidance of this world-renowned research centre, i'll manage to do it!! :)

Deborah said...

very nice blog,nice layout and easy to read

GI Group said...

Thanks all for the comments on our blog. We've taken your suggestion Paul and added a "subscribe" link for those who would like a monthly email reminder.

Best...GI Group

Anonymous said...

help ! where can your buy the low GI dates - khalas dried dates? I have tried everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Good. Informative. Problem: could you have printer friendly added. Example: GI RECIPE... I copied the picture plus the recipe...3 pages (3rd page just top line of the last line on your page.

I plan to be back

Anonymous said...

Love the newsletter! would love to see some more informaiton relating to special populations such as pregnant women and adolescents!

Anonymous said...

To print a copy of just one article (ie. the recipe), first click on that article's title under "Previous Posts" in the right-hand column. You will arrive at a page with just the recipe on it. Select print.

Best...Gi Group

Anonymous said...

Have been eating Low GI foods for the past 10 years - and as a Type II duabetic i am convinced that it has kept me off medication, It really does work!!