1 February 2006

GI Values Update

Pita Bread: The Perfect Pocket
Top it, stuff it, wrap it, cut it into wedges and dip it, or split it open and bake it to make ‘crisps’—pita is the ultimate meal-in-a-bread to have around for all occasions. The original value for white unleavened pita bread was from Canada (GI 57). New results have been published for pita breads available through Tesco stores in the UK including ‘Mini White Pitta’ (GI 68), Value ‘White Pitta’ (GI 69) and ‘Wholemeal Pitta’ (GI 56). (British Journal of Nutrition (2005, 94).


Try these simple serving suggestions to boost your vegetable and legume intake.

  • Wrap up with hommous, shredded lettuce, felafel, tabbouli and a tangy tomato salsa; or avocado, mushrooms, bean salad, shredded lettuce and capsicum strips; or tuna, borlotti beans, onion rings, cucumber, feta and a drizzle of oil and vinegar.
  • Use pita bread as an instant pizza base—top with tomato paste, mushrooms, capsicum, finely sliced onion, olives and a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese.
  • Serve dips such as hommous and babaghanoush with pita crisps—simply cut the pita bread into triangles, open out the ‘halves’ and spray with a little olive oil, sprinkle over paprika for extra flavour and bake at 180ºC (350ºF) for about 5 minutes, or until crisp.
—From Low GI Eating Made Easy (available in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, the US and Canada)


Anonymous said...

It would be good to know what the GI value is on the some of the brands available in Australia.

Anonymous said...

it would also be great to know the gi value of some of the (cooked whole) grains that celiacs tend to eat: quinoa, teff, millet, amaranth, and buckwheat.

GI Group said...

Not all foods or brands have been tested. But buckwheat and quinoa have been and many breads, particularly in Australia. Check out the database at www.glycemicindex .com or read about these and other low GI foods in Low GI Eating Made Easy which has a section on the top 100 low GI foods.

Do a search within the newsletter itself. We ran an article on quinoa back in July.

GI Group