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The Spice and Herb Bible by Ian Hemphill with Kate Hemphill
Published by Robert Rose
Ian Hemphill wants us all to enjoy the world of spices and herbs. It is the driving force behind this second and now fully illustrated edition of The Spice and Herb Bible. With growing evidence of the role spices like cinnamon, chilli, turmeric can play in blood glucose control, GI News asked Ian to give us some simple suggestions for spicing up your meals. Here are his tips.

Ian Hemphill

‘Many people are under the impression that healthy food is not tasty, however this can be changed with the addition of just a little spice. Most spices are not hot or even strong, so anything between one and two teaspoons to approximately 500 g (1 lb 3 oz) of the meal to be flavoured, will do the trick. The following spices will all compliment low GI carbs.’

Published in North America and the UK by Robert Rose as a fully illustrated trade paperback.
Published in Australia by Macmillan as a hardback (Spice Notes and Recipes).

Prof Jennie Brand-Miller's The Low GI Vegetarian Cookbook is now available in the UK
Packed with delicious recipes and illustrated with mouthwatering photography, this book by the world authorities on low GI eating shows you how to combine the basics of healthy vegetarian or vegan eating with low GI carbs. There are seven-day menu plans for vegetarian and vegan adults, teenagers and children plus 80 easy-to-follow recipes to delight your tastebuds and nourish your body. Start eating yourself healthy today.