GI News—January 2007


In This Issue:
  1. I am vegetarian and two of my favourite foods – mushrooms and tofu – don't appear in the listings. Can you help?
  2. I have been put on a GI diet but am underweight and need to put on at least 5 kilos. I know it is used for reducing weight, but will it help me put on some pounds?
  3. I have PCOS and I know it is genetic. Is there any way I can prevent my baby girl from getting it?
  4. What role should the GI play in an athlete’s choice of foods after high exertion?
  5. Dr Perricone says that one should stay away from high GI foods because they age people. Is this true?
  6. Can you give me a list of acceptable low GI fruits. And should one stay away from watermelon and pineapple?

A new year, a new look

We have redesigned GI News to make it easier to read, to access past issues, search for information, print articles of interest or recipes that you'd like to prepare, and to link up with sites of interest. But although the look may have changed, just about everything else stays the same. You can still post your comments on our stories and news briefs or send your questions to the GI Group in the usual way.

We wish you all the best for a happy and healthy 2007 and look forward to hearing from you in the months to come.

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