1 January 2007

Your Success Stories

‘My life changed for the better when my dad showed me a list of foods with GI values and explained to me why it worked’
– Hannah

‘After years of being lethargic and having my weight yo-yo and trying numerous ways to cope with those issues I discovered the wonderful glycemic index, which has been my saviour. Prior to my learning about the GI, I watched and followed my parents try all sorts of diets. We cut out carbs, increased protein, followed points, fasted and ate things at certain times of the day. Nothing seemed to work to get our weights down and to increase our energy. I went to the doctor at age 20, am now 26, believing that I was diabetic and was diagnosed with hypoglycemia. I wasn’t really told what to eat by the doctor except that I should eat between meals. For many years I snacked but remained overweight and lethargic especially after meals. I would call this my carbo-coma. Due to this, my work performance suffered as did my home life as all I wanted to do was sleep. At work I would literally fall asleep with my hands on the keyboard and would have to pump myself with coffee to stay awake.


My life changed for the better when my dad showed me a list of foods with GI values and explained to me why it worked. I thought I might as well give it a try, since I had tried everything else. I love a wide variety of foods and didn’t feel like this way of eating would prevent me from eating what I loved most good food. When I started eating low GI foods I wasn’t exercising much but within a few weeks I was noticing that I was losing weight, not to mention that I wasn’t falling in to my ‘carbo-coma’ in the afternoon after lunch. I didn’t need to snack as often either. I was hooked.’

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Anonymous said...

I sure would like to know where I could find a list of foods that are the ones to eat. I don't know what is good and what is bad. can you share that list.

Anonymous said...

If you want a list of foods to help you enjoy a healthy low GI diet, we would recommend you check out a copy of Low GI Eating Made Easy. It includes the top 100 low GI foods plus plenty of meal ideas and comprehensive GI tables. There are special editions for the US and Canada, the UK and for Australia and New Zealand. It should be in all major book stores or you could pick up a copy from Amazon.

Anonymous said...

Any thoughts on this research (http://www.ajcn.org/cgi/content/abstract/85/1/231) suggesting that consumption of trans fats in particular can reduce fertility? And any advice for those of us - particularly in Britain, where the issue is less well-known - who want to avoid them in restaurant food as well as off the shelf in supermarkets?

studio34 said...

>>>Any thoughts on this research?

Because longitudinal studies are observational, in the sense that they observe the state of the world without manipulating it, they have less power to detect causal relationships than do experiments. But because of the repeated observation at the individual level, they have more power than cross-sectional observational studies.

Trans fat is definitley one to reduce substantially in the diet and there is no dispute that it will increase heart disease risk.

For a more in depth look at trans fat, see the following article: