1 May 2008

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Anonymous said...

Unclear where to post general comments for you, so posting this here. I have read your newsletter for a long time and rely on it for accurate, intelligent information. So I would be interested to hear how you would respond to the May 23 New York Times article on diabetes and low GI diets, in which they cite top doctors as saying:

“The notion that glycemic index matters makes intuitive sense,” said Dr. John M. Miles, a diabetes expert at the Mayo Clinic. “A lot of people have strong feelings on the subject. But the evidence just isn’t there.”

Dr. Xavier Pi-Sunyer, an endocrinologist and diabetes expert at St Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital in New York, agreed. Given the new findings, “It seems unwise at this point to burden Type 2 diabetes patients with trying to pick and choose among different high- and low-glycemic-index foods,” he wrote in a recent review of the evidence.

The article is inconclusive about low GI diets. So maybe some caution is needed in your messages? Or at least some caveats-- that what you are preaching (so to speak) is not scientifically proven-- beyond doubts by other reasonable scientists. The doctors and institutions they cite in tne New York Times aren't quack doctors.

GI Group said...

We have passed your general comments on to Prof Jennie Brand-Miller and will post a reply as soon as possible. As we are heading to the end of the month and going live with the June issue, we will also follow up there in Feedback.