Curly Questions

Thrifty low GI eating. We are often asked about food costs eating the low GI way. Have your say on how GI News readers can stretch the weekly food budget.
‘Spend as much as you can at the green grocer, as much as you need at the butcher, and as little as you can at the grocer,' is one tip we like. Please post your suggestions.


I really miss flour-based gravies and sauces. Do you know of any thickener I can use that won’t affect the taste of a sauce or cause my blood glucose to spike?
We are often asked about the GI of starchy thickeners from arrowroot and cornstarch, to kudzu root powder and instant tapioca. None of these thickeners has been GI tested as far as we know; we haven’t seen any published results. However, you are only using very small amounts diluted in a cup or more of liquid or pie filling. So the GI of the recipe will depend really on the other carb ingredients in the recipe/meal rather than the thickener. Here's what GI News readers have suggested:

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