1 May 2007

GI News Podcast

GI News Podcast: Understanding GI Food values
In the third of the New Glucose Revolution podcasts, Prof Jennie Brand-Miller explains why the GI value of foods matters for everybody - not just people with diabetes - and where choosing smart carbs that reduce the peaks and troughs of your blood glucose levels fits, in the context of a healthy diet that's low in saturated fat and has plenty of fruits and vegetables.


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Adrian McHarg said...

What an informative pod-cast session. I was diagnosed in early 2006 with Pre Type 2 Diabetes and a NAFL Fatty Liver (Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver). Its something that has scared me very much. I would start getting tired about 11.00 am everyday while working on a morning shift. I would feel so sluggish that I just wanted to sleep. This affected me a lot. I had to drive about 40 mins to and from work and some afternoons, I'd get so tired I would pull over and sleep. 2 hours later, I would wake up and be ready to face the drive home. The change in my bloody sugar levels was so noticeable after I went on a low GI type eating plan. Each morning I would wake up as if I had been hit my a bus, feeling so lethargic. Things i used to eat/drink while at work would have been McDonald's, Pepsi, Bottled iced tea's, lots of watermelon. I couldn't believe it when i stopped having these things in my daily life routine, everything changed. I adopted an eye for looking at the back of food product labels, and started talking to everyone about my new Low GI life. I now know what the difference is and don't want to go back to the way I was before. My liver test results in March 2006 was 68 and then was tested this March 2007 they are 49. This is a dramatic result and the Dr was happy to see that with my determination I changed something that was potentially going to kill me. I am happy to answer anyone's Q's. I also recommend for you to purchase the book, New Glucose Revolution by Prof Jennie Brand-Miller.