1 February 2011

GI Update

Professor Jennie Brand-Miller answers your questions

I have PCOS and have been told that if I eat a low GI diet it will help me lose some weight and maybe even help me get pregnant. I have tried diets before and never seem to stick to them. Have you got any tips – I really want to succeed this time round.
There are four tips we usually suggest when people want to change their diet and create new eating habits they can stick to.
1. Aim to make changes gradually. Don’t try and change everything overnight. Start with a few small changes and add more as you achieve these. Keep in mind that it takes about 3 months for a new change to become a habit.
2. Attempt the easiest changes first. Nothing inspires like success, so increase your chances by picking something simple to get you going on the right track like eating a piece of fruit as a snack every day.
3. Break those big goals into a number of smaller goals. A big goal such as wanting to drop a couple of dress sizes is unlikely to happen quickly. Smaller more specific goals such as limiting fast food to once a week or making sure you eat a low GI breakfast are much more achievable.
4. Be prepared for setbacks. You are only human. But if you have a lapse, don’t beat yourself up, just get back on track the next day.

Good luck. And if you need more help and support, it is a good idea to see a registered (accredited practicing) dietitian.

PCOS book cover

– From the revised and updated edition of the Low GI Diet for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Prof Jennie Brand-Miller, Dr Kate Marsh and Prof Nadir Farid (Hachette).

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